The Way Station

In her first film, Hong Anh really tell the story by visual, she set her own cinematic language, her own rule in her film by the composition, the structure of image clearly. It’s really a good art film. I was moved because she had the courage to make film like that … More The Way Station


五年前に、この映画を一緒に見ると誘う人があった。あの人と見られなかった。そして、五年後で、昨日一人で見た。忘れない夜になった … More 五年

Two of You

Can’t wait so I watched Death Note: Light Up the New World last night at the last session. The whole film is bad, but you are awesome as usual. I love your sad eyes, they always touched me. In this movie, I can watch the image of you ten years ago and the image of you last year – ten years later … More Two of You

Bad Guys Always Die

Bad Guys Always Die không hẳn là hành trình theo đuổi món tiền hay tội phạm nữa, phim trở thành cuộc truy tìm giữa cái thật và cái giả, giữa người lừa dối và người bị lừa dối, giữa bản chất sự việc và định kiến của mọi người về nó … More Bad Guys Always Die