Feeling sorry for Mega GS

Brain on Fire is approriate for those who still confuse between mental illness (need to be cured by medical methods) and general down mood feeling. If they watch this movie, they can clarify clearly.

It still has flaws, not perfect but I like it. I watched it totally alone in Mega GS (no audience else watched in the session I watched even though it was not bad session: 17h45 on Monday). I feel sorry for that. Mega GS just received 65k for only me in that session. Except for feeling sorry for Mega GS, I have to say that I felt comfortable while watching it alone, no one chatting or bothering me. It was so good for me. I cried at one scene.

This film is not excellent but also not bad. To me, it’s fairly good. Really feel sorry for it because there’s too few Vietnamese audiences watching it. Maybe, it will be out of cinema Thursday this week after only one week screening…



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