Two of You

Can’t wait so I watched Death Note: Light Up the New World last night at the last session. The whole film is bad, but you are awesome as usual. I love your sad eyes, they always touched me. In this movie, I can watch the image of you ten years ago and the image of you last year – ten years later. I can see how grown up you have. It made me glad and sad at the same time. Your rounded, cute face is not here anymore (it’s not something new but whenever I saw your past figure, I always feel sad a little bit), you became thinner, the bones in your cheeks can be seen more clearly. From the girl full of passion, love, liveliness, you (Misa) became the woman full of sadnesss, calm, quietness. I really adore you, want to protect you (of course I can’t), therefore I try my best to support you in my way, don’t you know.

At first time, I fell in love with you because of your bright smile. In Tatta Hitosu no Koi – the first time I saw you, whenever you smile, it seemed that your eyes were sparkling. But in recent years, I rarely saw that smile in the films you acted again. Of course, there are still scenes where your character smiles in those films. However, your smiles nowaday are diffrent from ten years ago when you just joined in Japanese showbiz, they are not like in Tatta Hitosu no Koi or Liar Game… In your smiles now, I can see the peaceful, calm and charming of the woman who grew up with stressful time in that harsh enviroment. Sometimes, a little bit light of sorrow seems to appear somewhere in your eyes when you smile. And when you’re sad, your eyes seem to be totally sunk in depression, it transmitted sadness to me.

Your last scene in this bad reboost is the only thing touched me while watching. Finally, Misa can rest. Just like you, she has grown up so much for ten years. Misa of ten years later even is more charming to me. She is sad, calm, gentle, more careful in her thought. She is not superficial at all (even Misa of ten years ago also made me feel that). Now, that girl can rest.

I really really want to watch your recent films that I haven’t watch: Kono machi no inochi, Yokokuhan, Risk no Kamisama… But at the present, I just can’t. There are still something else, so many things I need to do first. I don’t know when I have time to watch your films, to enjoy your appearance, your acting, to see your face, your smile, your eyes with full of expressions again. Hope that time will come soon. When I meet you again, when I meet you again… I can’t keep the promise I made with myself to translate articles about you into Vietnamese, or even English (if there is no translation for it). I’m really frustrated at me because of that. Now, I have the film blog. I hope someday, it will have the translation of interview articles about you that no one hasn’t translated yet.

Finally, I want to say this simple thing again: I love you.

11:07 am


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