I miss the time writing film review

Just stop writing film review to make time for book review for one month which makes me already miss the time writing film review so much… I have just stopped for one month, why I remember that atmosphere this much as if I stopped it for years… I’m scared of abandoning it again this year because not only film and book review, there are still also too much thing I want to do. Writing review is just like an addiction. When you start it, you just want to do it for everything you spent time enjoying. It’s like re-create the world that you experienced again. Why recent time do I want to do this secondary step (re-create the world based on others’s world) but not primary step (create the world myself)? I even can’t understand. I start to afraid of not writing my own story anymore. To re-create or create, both of them takes a lot of time same same. After all, I accept my solitude condition to finish these things. But sometime, I… Well, even I’m so tired and want to sleep now, tonight I have to try to do a little bit to finish, even just a little part of them. Maybe, I can also give up to sleep.

不図、泣きたくなって… 寂しくて、悲しくて… でも、泣かないでください… 働いて続けてください…



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