When Jun Ji Hyun is Jennifer Lawrence


Have just watched My Annoying Brother, I have one question: why did CJ translator translate Jun Ji Hyun into Jennifer Lawrence in English subtitle? Are CJ afraid that Western audience don’t know Jun Ji Hyun? Do they have “inferiority complex” (I don’t know whether it is the exact word to describe my feeling) about their famous actress? Or is there any other reason? I can’t understand. My sassy girl is Korean classic romance movie which Hollywood liked so much that they adapted it into American version. Therefore, I think Western audience can somehow imagine Jun Ji Hyun. Even if they can’t remember who Jun Ji Hyun is, I think they should haven’t replaced her with anyone else. If they keep her name, it’s the good way to introduce with Western audience Korean popular entertaining figure, so why not? Really, really can’t understand. It’s the problem of translation.

I know that kind of translation. Sometimes, translator changes the name of an idol or some certain details in original source language to name/thing which is familiar with the audience use destination language. But I don’t like it. I want to keep the original detail in source language eventhough sometimes it’s strange with the audience use destination language. I think strange feeling makes people keep finding out new thing to see the world wider. It’s the good thing to do.


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