Onnie 35


Happy birthday to you, my lovely talented Capricorn.

Eventhough I still can’t change avatar because I haven’t finished reading Dos yet but I always love you so much. Tonight, I will watch three of your movie: Bad Guys Always Die, The Truth Beneath, The Last Princess. Well, I’m so excited. Eventhough I’m so tired, so sleepy now but I want to watch all those films tonight and do nothing else. I try to prevent myself to not watch them right after downloading it, I have saved them for today. Maybe, there will be no your birthday that I have many films to watch like this year.

I’m so glad that last year, you received so many awards for roles in The Truth Beneath and The Last Princess, specially, The Last Princess – I think that you’re so proud of this film. As your fan, I’m so proud of you. The Last Princess was the hit last year in Korean. I really hoped that it would be screened in Vietnam because its distribution company was Lotte. I waited and waited… But Lotte didn’t screen The Last Princess in Vietnam. I was so sad because I couldn’t support you by buying cinema ticket. Now, all those three films have HD version on Internet. Tada, so tonight I watch all of them.

I love you. This love hasn’t changed yet for ten years. Yes, we have been together for a decade. I love you and I hope that I will always love you. Sometimes, I think that the love for you is enough, I don’t want to love any actress anymore. But my heart was vibrated easily, so I found myself kept falling in love with new actresses. Few of them still stay in my heart, few of them passed by like a fresh wind. But you have been in my heart. Always.

Once again, happy birthday.


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