The first Russian TV series that I watched

Finally, finish watching The Idiot (2003) Russian TV series. It’s hard thing to do. This film is just interesting in first half part and so boring last half part. It can’t transmit Dostoevsky’s soul.

It’s the first Russian TV series that I watched. After watching it, I realize Vietnamese TV series is not really disaster. I was really shocked. Chinese TV series is even better than this TV series. I just mean here about the technique, not the story or the plot. In The Idiot, they just use one kind of light: yellow green, one colour: yellow green, and one music theme. There is no more. First five episodes, I thought they did it with intention to tell the story. But little by little, I realize it’s not really like that. I want to write a review to analysize it detail, so stop here.

In this year, firstly Russian made me suprised at their design for book covers. Now, TV series when compare to Vietnamese TV series. But I still like Let me in movie.

Really shocked but no matter what, I still love classic Russian literature.



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