I miss the time watching Victoria

I miss the time watching Victoria. I vomited so much while watching, nearly half of the film because of headache. I watched fairly much films that using handy-cam with shaky frames, one shot and long shot are not also something strange. But I have never vomited while watching that kind of film, just felt headache. But Victoria made me vomit and I couldn’t still leave the cinema. I knew the girl sat next by me looking at me with the fearful eyes but I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to stayed with her – Victoria till the end of the film, I wanted to know the end of her journey. At first, I just vomited. Gradually, I made a litlle bit sound while vomiting. Victoria cried, her nose were full of rheum, and I kept vomiting. My coat became my nylon bag to hold the vomit. Sometime, I had that thought why I had to bear so painfully when watching film like that. Why it was so tired like that. But I just couldn’t leave the film.

And Victoria became one of films that maybe I remember it for my whole life because its special beauty. It’s really something extraodrinary, something we can’t easily find in cinema these days. I like the ending the most. It’s just a simple scene but full of loneliness. The loneliness of the lost young people. One of the things I regret most last year is that I hadn’t written review for Victoria. I want to introduce it to more people, even just for more one person is still okay. Victoria is something I will never forget… It’s the precious present to me. Thank Goethe Institut for showing it in German Film Festival last year…

Now, maybe I can’t write review for it anymore but my rating is 9/10.



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