On Rinko’s birthday, 2017


Happy birthday to you.

Last year, I wrote about you and Sometani Shota. Now, I’m so glad to know that you two has a son. Time went by so fast. I still remember the first time, I read the news about the marriage between you and Shota, he was just 22, you were 34 then, I was really shocked at that time. Also, I was afraid that this marriage wouldn’t last long. But three years went by, it seems that you two are still happy. And is there any thing happier in a marriage than welcoming together the first child?

Hope you are always happy and have more wonderful roles in upcoming films for me as well as the other audience to enjoy all of them.

I really want one of your films today but I have something to be done. I don’t know when I have time to watch your film.

Happy birthday, again.

There are still many Capricorns whom I like was born in January.
The next one is onnie. Then, Haruki.
Really regret that I haven’t read The Temple of the Golden Pavilion by Mishima Yukio – another Capricorn that I also like.



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