All I could do was just concentrating on the color


Since I have studied color grading (even just in short-term class), I was distracted so much when watching film: I keep just noticing color all the time, noticing what colors they used, thinking why they used that. OMG! It somehow made me less concentrate on the story of the film because one can’t concentrate on so many things at the sametime. Three years ago, after studying Script Analysis, I just kept auto dividing sequences in my mind. I was so excited at first time, then I realize it somehow distracted me from the film as the united one. It took me a long time to not try dividing sequences while watching film. Now, it turns to the color which distracts me.

I watched three films yesterday: Assassin’s Creed, Chay di roi tinh, Cho em den ngay mai. I was surprised that all I could do was just concentrating on the color. And I realize for the first time, it seems that nowadays, people like to use light green (tends to cyan) as background with sometime yellow or blue light so much. Also, teal and orange is still favourite. I want to make those color grading someday.



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