Allied wasted Marion’s talent

Even though Allied is not so good film, just average and somehow I feel fairly disappointed at it, but why, why I just keep thinking about her, her last moments in the car, waiting for him, looking outside with anxious eyes…

Allied wasted Marion’s talent, it’s too wasteful. I really regret for the film, for her. I have that feeling again: I want to watch Marion’s films as many as possible just like Léa last year right after watching Spectre and feeling that film wasted her too. Indeed, I nearly watched all of Léa’s film, just only The Lobster and It’s only the end of the world left. Well, I really want to watch more films that Marion was in there. Therefore, of course, I will watch Assassin’s Creed for sure eventhough it is low rated. But after that, I really want to watch French films that she acted, just like what I did with Léa last year. Can I, can I… while I’m busy like this and tired as hell? Maybe, next year again…

Last year, I was really lucky when I can watch nearly 20 films of Léa continually until only one film left: The Lobster (this year, that number is up to two). Oh Marion, my Marion… when will I have time to watch your films one by one without stopping in infinite joy? When will I?… And when will I have time to read books really comfortably again?



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