I’m an idea


“I have done everything your said, every test, every trial, every initiation. I have proved I love you, just accept it.”

“Gada gada gada ga… I am not someone who is… loved. I’m an idea, state of mind. I excute my will according to my plan and you… Doctor, are not part of my plans.”

“Please let me in. I promise… Let me in. I promise I won’t hurt you.”

– Suicide Squad

Oh, how I love this dialogue even though it’s too sentimental, too cheesy. But I love the thought that someone is not someone, not human eventhough he has human figure. Someone is just “an idea. state of mind”. This thought is so lot of freedom and loneliness at the same time. It also made me remember about what V said in V for Vendetta: they can kill the people but can’t kill that people’s idea. In The Raw Youth, Dostoevsky also discussed about person’s idea so much. Through Arkady, he said that someone just needed an idea and then everything would be alright. Arkady repeated himself so many times that: “I have an idea. I have idea. So, everything will be alright.” Yes, everything will be alright. The idea is private, individual. Eventhough there will be so many people can understand others’s idea, the idea just really belongs to its original owner. Therefore, an idea can be friendly to make friend with anyone being able of understanding it and also be very, very lonely because no one can actually be in it, live with it just like the owner. Joker didn’t said he had an idea like Arkady. He said that he himself was an idea. And therefore, no one else could understand him, no one else could be him more than him. He thought that Harley couldn’t get the idea. She just loves him but doesn’t understand him because someone can not be an idea of anyone else’s. But I wonder if there is a possibility of that thing, eventhough just with a very small percentage, little tiny hope… So that, Harley could be happy…

After watching the extended cut with more about 12 minutes, I really don’t understand why they cut those 12 minutes, especially this one. The extended really, really make the movie BETTER. Just 12 minutes, it’s not too much like 30 minutes of Batman vs Superman. Why, and why did they cut it.

In the extended cut, it made:

– Harley Quinn more lovely and more lonely at the same time.
– The audience can see how intelligent and subtle Harley is when she analysizes all squad members.
– The connect between members is stronger.
– The film becomes smoother a little bit.

But why, why I don’t feel satisfied at all after watching the extended cut? Oh gosh, oh gosh, I want more, I want more. Just 12-minutes is too short, too short. I know at least it’s still lack of two scenes: the scene Joker slaps Harley’s face, the scene of smoky face Joker after rescuing Harley from the falling helicopter.

Oh, Suicide Squad is not good movie but why I just want to watch it as long as possible. Maybe, it’s just because I love “nothing really matters” atmosphere, I love Joker and Harley performed by Jared Leto and Margot Robbie, I love seeing them together. I’m really disappointed at the extended cut because it just has more 12 minutes. I wish if they released another extended cut with more delete scenes added. Suicide Squad’s fans joked that they should release another version with longer time: they have extended cut; maybe, that one (if they rethink again and release again)  will be called the ultimate cut.



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