On Toda’s birthday, 2016


Happy birthday to you.
You are the Leo that I love. You are the Leo that I want to keep in my heart. You are the Leo that I always want to support.

I’m glad that we have been together for many years (almost 9 years). Time flies so fast since the day I saw your smile. You are always diligent and love acting just like the day you went to Tokyo alone to make your dream come true. You were just 15-year-old junior high school student at that time but you realized your dream early and you did what you wanted to do drastically. That’s the point that I love from people who are Fire element. You are just like another one that I love. It’s Yui. She also quit studying and came to Tokyo for her dream when she was just 16 years old. The thing that I have just known about you is you used to be bullied in junior high school when you were in a friend group. That thing made you lose the faith upon true friendship. After that, you didn’t want to be in a friend group anymore, you were just friend with each individual a few years later. In the present, I’m glad to know that you have many good friends in Japanese showbiz.

I love you. As long as you keep acting, I keep watching your films.
Hope you keep acting with love, keep having fun with friends, keep being friendly with co-workers, keep loving animal like that. And I hope that I can also keep the love for you, hope that every year on your birthday I can say: “Happy birthday to you” just like that.

I will watch your movie tonight.
Once again, happy birthday to you, Totty-chan.


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