[Short Film] Tiredness

Tiredness copy

After three years and a half, I made short film again eventhough I had thought that I would never do it anymore. Owing to the short film class took place at Ho Chi Minh city Cinema Association (I don’t know whether I write it wrong or not), I have the motivation to make short film again. I’m really grateful to Teacher Nguyen Tuong Phuong for his lessons. He inspired me.

Thank Hải Âu for joining in this project, for your contribution to the script, for helping me a lot in filming process, for your thoughtfulness, for your effort, for many many things… Thank you for spending your time to do this with me eventhough you were busy. If it had not been for you, I couldn’t finish this project. From the deepest of my heart, really really thank you.

Thank Nguyễn Võ Nghiêm Minh for coming with us that day, for your support, for sharing your knowledge, for your suggestion, for your kindness… Specially, I want to thank you for encouraging me in making film, for telling me that you want to watch my film more in future. You are the first one telling me that. I will consider it as encouragement whenever I make film – the thing that I don’t know whether I can but I will try somehow.

Here is the link to watch Tiredness (4 minutes):

Hope you guys enjoy it.

Tiredness 1920 1080 copy


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