Eventhough nothing has changed


“A slice-of-life piece doesn’t necessarily have to feature obvious, gripping conflict or larger-than-life actors. But the characters—their everyday desires, their disappointments, their emotional reactions to what’s going on (or not going on)—must be well-developed. Though slice-of-life pieces may be “quiet,” they still have to be interesting and worth the reader’s time. Maybe the main character doesn’t measurably change over the course of the piece, but the reader should be changed or affected by what he or she has read.”

Source: http://writersrelief.com/blog/2015/04/tips-for-slice-of-life-vignette/
Image: Alone in Love (SBS, 2006)

Why do I just keep liking old thing like this?

I asked myself so many times and it’s not quite difficult to find the answer: because it’s the easy thing to do while finding new things, accept it and like it is much more difficult. But I want sweep old thing in me and accept new thing. It’s so difficult to not think and love old thing, to not step into the old trace. Time is short. There is not too much time for me.

Western. Reason. Western. Reason. Western. Reason.

Somebody has the instinct to absorb Western philosophy and Western reason so easily like it just in their blood. But it’s not for me. I have to learn and have to cut Oriental thinking in my mind painfully day by day. Too much sentiment in me and I know I need the reason of the Western.


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