In its simplification


I will always love Alone in Love. This drama will be great drama in my heart forever. No matter what happens, there will be no drama could replace its place in my heart. These days, watching people infatuated by Descendants of the Sun just makes me miss Alone in Love so much. Everytime I see the rating of Alone in Love, somehow I feel sad a little bit. Its rating is too low, too low… It deserves a rating higher than that… Why does such film like Descendants of the Sun has high rating and why does such film like Alone in Love has low rating like that? I ask myself and I have known the answer already. Maybe it’s because that people tend to be attracted by luxurious thing more than by just simple thing like that, like what you see in the photo of this note. Alone in Love doesn’t have too much romance or sweet scenes. The main couple didn’t even have a kiss scene. They just hugged each other so tightly. They didn’t joke with each other. They just talked with each other in their accustomed coffee shop like this. I love the way they met each other every week. They would talk about their life. This drama just repeats the scenes they meet each other again and again in each episode like that. Just simple like that. They dirvorced but they still considered each other just like good friends. They always listened to their partner carefully. In fact, I admit that at first time, I wasn’t also be attracted by this drama. But the more I watched it, the more I was be familiar with it, the more I loved it, the more I missed it and it turned that even 9 years had passed, I love it and miss it until now. The simple things that not attracted me at the first sight became the things I miss most. Why was there such a courage Korean drama like that? Why was this drama so different from other Korean dramas? I appreciate both its unique and simpleness.

About the character:

Dong Jin is such a normal man who works in bookstore. He loves book and usually contemplates about life. He has good points and weak points. I love the way he starts his day in each episode. He wakes up with some boring feeling, he looks his fishbowl, looks the fishes swimming. He is worried about his life. He has passion for books but he isn’t so sure about what he really wanted to do in his life. He just lives like a normal person. He is not perfect like Yoo Si Jin that everyone are crazy in love these days.

Eun Ho is the same to him. She is just a normal trainer in a sport center. She starts her life everyday the same way, not much difference. She wakes up, rides her bicycle to the sport center where she is currently working. Dong Jin sometimes meets new people for dating. Eun Ho also sometimes meets new people for dating. And once a week or a period time nearly like that, they meet each other just to share about their life. This drama is just simple like that. But it made me cry a lot when its ending because from that time, I couldn’t watch it anymore. I have just watched it once and I never forget my most favourite scenes in this drama. There are so many scenes I haven’t forgotten eventhough they are just simple.

To me, Alone in Love is beautiful in its simplification. It attracted me by simple things. Descendant of the Sun is opposite. It’s so glorious for me to be hooked. It’s too superficial. Alone in Love dismissed all those superficial beautiful things. Kam Woo Sung was not so handsome in this drama eventhough he has a cute face and he was so handsome in I’m still loving you. He had just a normal figure in Alone in Love. And Son Ye Jin too. Ye Jin is one of the most beautiful actresses in Korea without plastic surgery but in Alone in Love, the stylist of this drama made her had a normal figure. She was still beautiful but not so glamorous like in any other film of hers. She really looked like a normal trainer. I love that. I haven’t ever watched any Korean drama that the characters appear just like normal persons in our daily life. The costumes they wore were also casual clothes just like what we wear every normal day.

These are what I love about Alone in Love.
These are also what I dislike about Descendants of the Sun.
I know it’s too wrong for comparing these two dramas. I’m sorry if what I wrote hurt people who love Descendants of the Sun. I also like Descendants of the Sun in some certain points but it’s not a great drama to me. I just feel sad about why people are often easily atractted by luxurious things that sometimes superficial than simple things outside that sometimes beautiful inside? Why? Why? Why?

People who love Alone in Love often says that this drama was born in unapproriate time. It was ignored by most of people in Korean when it first broadcasted. And, the same to Asian audience – include Vietnamese audience. But as time goes by, Alone in Love gradually proves its own beauty. Alone in Love maybe doesn’t have such a huge fandom like Descendants of the Sun but I believe those who watched this drama completely would love it just like me. There would be something remained in their heart when they finished it. I’m sure. And to Descendants of the Sun fans, eventhough they are so crazy at it now, I’m not so sure how long they remember the scenes that they love at the present or what would remain in their mind after a long time. I think Descendants of the Sun is just a normal idolize drama. It’s too far for being capable of comparing with Alone in Love. These two are totally different kinds of drama. I will try not to compare Descendants of the Sun with Alone in Love or World Withins or even That Winter, the Wind Blows anymore. I have to accept its idolization that sometimes annoys me. Now, I will just watch it for fun, for entertaining and of course for watching Song Hye Kyo – the Korean actress that I love. I have no high expectation for it anymore.

I just want to write about these things for relax, for releasing my love for Alone in Love that suddenly came to me again today.

I’m the one who have loved Alone in Love for 9 years like that.



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