Onnie 34




Tomorrow is your birthday… You gave me wonderful moments since I was a junior school student. It has been 10 years since the day I started to like you when watching A moment to remember. But just since Alone in love, I have loved you, you have always been in somewhere of my heart. You became one of the important parts of my life. I never forget those days I watched Alone in love. Alone in love is always my favourite drama. Sometime, suddenly I remembered some scenes from it. I never regret of watching it. I want to write about it many more times. I want to hold its atmosphere. I want to grow old with those memories I had with that drama. I love it so much and thank you for having acted perfectly in it.

Still one more hour to your birthday but I want to say it right now because tomorrow, I will be really busy: “Happy birthday to you.”

Happy birthday, my Capricorn actress.



“Well, I think it’s because I’m not popular. (laugh) I see a lot of handsome actors as I act, but I can’t do two things at the same time. I focus on acting. Even if I do a character who falls in love, I only play the character, I don’t actually love the actor. The case of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Well… I don’t think I’m the type…

Up until now, my roles were mostly man & woman falling in love. But if I have a chance, I want to do a role of love between women. For example, like Monster and Thelma & Louise. Do I have [homosexual] disposition? Yes, I think I do. I’ll get in trouble for saying this. (laugh)”

– Son Ye Jin

She is really like a typical Capricorn. I adore her hard-working characteristic. I adore her seriousness. She can’t do two things at the same time. She is really serious and responsible actress.

I totally agree with her about Thelma & Louise. I also think they loved each other. I know it’s a feministic movie but I don’t think they had no other kind of love except for friendship. At first, they were friend but at the end of that movie, when they decided to jump through the valley, when they looked each other, in their eyes, I saw love. To me, it was love but they didn’t have time to realize it then they had to face their end. My heart seemed to be numbed with its ending. It was love. Sad love. Just like, Midnight Cowboy. I think it was love, too. Ratso and Joe’s relationship is somehow vague so I understand when it is usually considered as friendship movie. But in Thelma & Louise, the two main character’s relationship is clearer with the exploding ending, it’s definitely love.

I haven’t watched Monster yet eventhough I want to watch it so much. I don’t know that onnie love Thelma & Louise, Monster too. I’m happy for that. Specially, I’m happy because onnie had the same thought about Thelma & Louise’s relationship just like me.

Someday, I surely watch Monster because of her. If I don’t know that she likes Monster, I still intend to watch it. Since I know thet she likes it, definitely I have to watch it.

I really hope that one day I can watch her in the movie with the role she wants to act that she mentioned in this answer. In fact, her role in Lover’s Concerto was considered to be homosexual. But the homosexual relationship in its was so softly and merely the B-plot. Well, if someday she acts in homosexual role, it will be so interesting. I look forward to it.


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