On Rinko’s birthday, 2016


Happy birthday, Rinko-chan!

Last year, I was really surprised when I knew that you got married. And the one you married was Sometani Shota. I even didn’t know the news or the rumor that you two dated and suddenly on your birthday last year, I knew that you two would married. When I read the name “Sometani Shota”, I couldn’t recall anything. I thought that I didn’t know him or watched films that he acted. Then, I searched on his name and found out that his face was somehow so familiar to me. When I read his filmography, I immediately understood the reason. In fact, I watched one of his films in my darkest days: XXX Holic live action. And I had just only watched that one among the films that he acted. Because Watanuki is not the character too complicated to act, his characteristic is simple, he is the good one from the begining until the end; therefore, I have no impression on him. But I still remember his childlike face. He was born in 1992. He was just 22 when he married Rinko-who was 34 at that time. Eventhough the age gap in the relationship is not something so special and I accept it, since it’s up to you, I was really shocked. I imagined you were the one who like matured man, the man who was older than you because I thought the young man couldn’t understand you. It is often said that man grows up slower than woman, man maintains the child in his own mind longer than woman. Therefore, at the same age, woman is always seemed to be more mature than man. So, if the woman wants to find the man who can understand her, she should find the man older than her. Well, most of the time, it is like that. But life always has its exceptions.


I know there is always exception but I still think the couple form with older woman, younger man is more rare than the couple form with older man, younger woman. The reason is what I wrote above. Therefore, I really treasure these kind of relationships. And in the relationship like that, I find myself interested, curious about the man more than the woman. The reasons are:

Firstly, maybe the man grew up earlier than his same-aged friends. He is more mature than his look. Why did grow up quickly? Maybe, there was a reason for that. So, he is exceptional. He is different from the other men. And this point made me curious about that man.

Secondly, the older woman is usually more successful than the young man. The reason is just simply because she is older, she had more time to affirm her ability in social. The man usually wants to be the one stronger than the woman in the relationship because he wants to protect her, and sometimes he wants to affirm himself. Therefore, the man who is in the relationship with the older woman has to accept the kind of feelings that he is not always stronger than her, he is not always her shelter, she earns more money is more than him, etc…

Thirdly, sometimes he has to make his look more than his real age because of her.

If the man can overcome the first two things that I mentioned, I think that man is really wonderful. If he can overcome the first and the second thing, I think there is nothing can separate two of them. It’s true love.


Therefore, when I knew Rinko married to Shota, somehow I had the feeling for Shota and wanted to know more about him. I searched his information quickly, skimed his filmography. I wondered that someday I would try watching more of his films. I aimed to Himizu directed by Sono Sion. It was the story one year ago. And now, I haven’t watched Himizu or any films that he acted yet.

Well, on Rinko-chan’s birthday, I should have written about you but I digressed and beated around the bush too much. However, I just want to say that I’m really happy when you found the one you love, married him, lived with him. When I saw the photo in Berlin film festival where both of you went together, I felt warm when I saw he had his beard, he tried to look older to be with you, I could feel his attempt; therefore I felt warm. And when I saw this picture, I also had the strange feeling, his ring and your ring, his eyes and your eyes, his face and your face seem to tell me the same story, the story that has the same color, same atmosphere, the story about harmony, passion, the story about true love.


Happy birthday, Rinko-chan. Happy birthday.
After the relationship with Spike Jonze, now you are not alone anymore.
I wish that you are always happy, find the joy in acting and have more impressive characters. I wish your lover will be more successful too. I wish you two can maintain this love for a long time. I wait for the new films of both of you.

Thank you for being Katsuragi, Naoko, Chieko, Ryu… I had wonderful time when I watch the film where you were in. You’re really brilliant actress.


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