L’Enfant d’en haut


L’Enfant d’en haut has a quite good plot. Eventhough it tells a story about the cold, indifferent world that the child living in, I feel it warm. Maybe it’s because of the very, very good ending. The ending came slowly but the last scene’s event took place quickly. It’s quick, short and make me surprised a little bit but when the screen turned to black, I smiled because I feel warm. Now, I know that the decision to watch film that Léa acted is right. I don’t regret at all though these days I just want to watch movies through director more than through actor/actress. Léa has chosen good scripts, good directors.

I realize that in this movie, there are few Long shots can touch me. It’s rarely thing to me. I’m often moved by Close Up shot or Medium Close Up shot or Medium shot. I can’t remember if I used to be moved by Long shot before but I used to think that Long shot is just for introducing background, it’s hard to touch me. Once again, this film showed me that once the type of shot size is chosen right in appropriate moment, even a Long shot can touch the audience’s heart. I love the Long shot show me that Simone-the child is so little in the big nature, the big and cold world that he trying to survive. The Long shot scene after the argument between Simone and Louise on the streetside about what he was doing, about his future also made me contemplated a little bit. Through the Long shot, we can see the very big moutain behind them, the vehicles run through them, they just took the small place in that frame, how little and how lonely they were. So, eventhough we can’t see their faces clearly, we still can feel sympathy with them.

The title of this film is an interesting story. The original title L’Enfant d’en haut means: “The child from above” but its official English title is Sister. And its Japanese name is シモンの空 means: “Simone’s sky”. Once again, the different names of the same film show us the different taste of the nations.



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