Les Adieux à la reine

“My name is Sidonie Laborde. Both my mother and father are dead.
I was the Queen’s reader. I obey the Queen.
Soon I will be far from Versailles. Soon I will be no one.”

Les Adieux à la reine


I was about to cry in this scene. How could a Medium Close Up shot touch my heart like that? Léa touched my heart. Her acting was so well, beautifully. She is really an excellent actress. I think if it wasn’t for her, the Medium Close Up shot was not enough to get the audience into the feeling of the character. I have watched so many movies that in the same kind of this situation, there will be a Close Up shot for the audience to see clearly the expression on the character’s face so that it will be easier for them to sympathize with the character. I used to think Close Up shot is the best way for that effect. I have never thought that just a Medium Close Up shot can make me have a strong feeling like that. Then I watched the touching Medium Close Up shot in Belle Épine and now, that touching Medium Close Up shot in Les Adieux à la reine, my thought totally changed. I realize the old thing that it is not the kind of shot, the shot’s information affects the audience’s feeling. Léa acted so well that just using Medium Close Up shot is good enough for the audience to sympathize with Sidonie; and in Medium Close Up shot, we can also keep in touch with her reality – she was in that room-that royal room, listening to that cruel request…

In That Winter, the Wind blows – Korean drama that I watched in 2013, the director used Close Up shot too much that the audience could realize it easily. I read the article and I knew he was proud of these Close Up shots that he used. He said: “The Close Up shot makes the audience can see clearly the character’s face. So, it will make them feel intimate with the character, easier to sympathize with them. It’s the method that appears most in commercial advertising clip. Now, I use it in my drama with high frequency.” I can’t remember exactly but it’s something like that. Well, That Winter, the Wind Blows is my favourite Korean drama and I can’t deny that it touched me deeply. But now, when I remember it, the high frequency of Close Up shot used to make me feel bored in some scenes. If only the director used Close Up shot fewer.

After Belle Épine and Les Adieux à la reine, I remind myself that we always have to try to think what kind of shot that we used which makes the best effect, try not to use the formed thoughts such as: Long shot for the introduction of the large scene, Medium shot for the introduction of the small space where the story happening, or Close Up shot for the audience to see clearly the character’s expression, etc…

Once again, I have to say that Léa is so wonderful, so brilliant. And I feel regret again about her role in Spectre. She can do more than that but the script didn’t have the space for her acting.



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