Why is it me?


“Why is it me?”
“Everyday, waking up with different faces is not something bitter. But since I met Yi Soo, it turned to bitter and difficult. I want to talk with you, meet you like the normal person. But I have no way. Therefore, I just only confided to you. Tomorrow’s morning, is it okay when I have the different figure?”

Beauty Inside

This is my English translation for what Ueno Juri as Kim Woo Jin said in Beauty Inside, I read so many complaints from the watchers in two film online websites: phim14, phimmoi… and maybe the other websites which use the video source from those two websites have the same complaints from the watchers too. They complain that there’s no Vietnamese subtitle for Japanese dialogue scene in this Korean movie. I don’t understand the reason why the translator didn’t translate Japanese dialogue too. If they translated directly from Korean, it means that they understand Korean and there’s Korean subtitle in Japanese dialogue scene, why they didn’t translate it from Korean subtitle. And if they translated from English subtitle, it means that there was no English subtitle for this Japanese dialogue scene. But why not? I can’t imagine that. Maybe I will try downloading this movie’s English subtitle file to check it. Eventhough this dialogue’s content doesn’t include the important information but it was placed on one of the most important scenes, this scene shows the watchers the first time Yi Soo try to understand Woo Jin, the first time they have a real conversation without any secret. If the watchers can’t understand what Woo Jin said in Japanese while Yi Soo could understand, I think it’s easy to see that they feel irritated. If he said in foreign language to her and she didn’t understand, then the watchers wouldn’t feel irritated because they felt sympathy for her then. To me, I feel contented because I can hear Japanese voice in Korean movie and I can understand. That’s good feeling.

Hope this translation can help someone by someway accidentally visit my blog if they have watched Beauty Inside, have felt irritated because they didn’t understand what Ueno Juri said.



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