It’s the third time I listen Japanese and Korean at the same time in a movie. The first time was about 10 years ago when I watched Friends of Won Bin and Fukada Kyoko. The second time was about 2 years ago when I watched Boku to star no 99 nichi. I always have the strange feeling when I listen these two languages mixed. I smiled at this scene. I miss the time of studying Korean so much.

The Korean Capricorn girl in this movie is really cute and kind-hearted. Jinx is not really an excellent movie but it’s warm. At the end of this film, her love, her thought, her memories touched me. I feel it’s too sad for her. She always smiles to hide her real problem, to help her friend – a Virgo.

[Vietsub] [Movie 2013] Jinx - HD [T-AraTeam_360kpop].mkv_snapshot_01.01.22_[2015.10.05_22.19.37]

I didn’t expect that Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind could appear in a Japanese – Korean movie like that.  Jinx has a simple plot but but I couldn’t predict its ending exactly. Its plot is not like typical romance movie even its first half made me think the opposite thing but I changed my mind at the end. I thought that it was a “three-hand” love story when I watched 3/4 of this movie. But it’s not like that. I was so surprised. On this scene, main female character goes to the rental DVD movie shop. She looks at this DVD for a while, then she rents it for main male character. Japanese’s words on this DVD means that (I will translate from top to bottom):

If you can destroy the memory of lost love, what will you do?
Eternal Sunshine”
(The words in the middle are so blur that I can’t read).

It seems like the shop owner drow it by himself. He even drew Love Actually.


Jinx in this movie means “the good luck or the word you will say when two people has the same thing, same idea somehow like when you say ‘yeah’ in English.” In fact, I don’t know it’s the Korean word or Japanese word. But I think it’s Korean word because Jinx be written in Katakana in Japanese (Katakana points out that it’s the word from the foreign language, not the original Japanese).



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