Twilight: Saya in Sasara


So touching… I didn’t expect that I would cry that much at the end of this film. I love the image of this Japanese wife so much. She loves her husband. She loves her son. She devoted her life for family without regret. Oh no, I start to say like a typical Cancer. But the family love in this movie is really beautiful…

I don’t want to spoil the plot so much. Then, I tell it so simply:

The main couple in Twilight: Saya in Sasara lost the belief in family. Saya – the wife, lost her mother and her father since she was a child. So she didn’t know what a real family is. Yuutarou – the husband, lost his mother but he hates his father. They fell in love each other. The plot is concentrated on how they can manage their own family when they didn’t know about family love or lost the belief in it. Saya is always afraid of not taking care of her son well because she had never received the same concern from her mother. I think this movie will somehow show us the way to love our family again, the way to get the belief in family again. I don’t know whether everyone can feel the same to me. But to me, it touched me. Therefore, I hope that one who lost the belief in family love could somehow find it again in this movie. The sunlight is always shining on us.


And this part is for Gakky. I’m really happy when I realize that Gakky’s acting has improved in this movie. Her face expressions are better now. When she’s sad, when she smiles, when she cries. when she’s angry… I can feel it truthfully. The expression of the same kind of feeling is different up to each situation. Not the same smiles. Not the same tears…  anymore. Congratulation, Gakky.

In fact, I intended to watch this move in Gakky’s birthday on June 11th. But I couldn’t watch it. Today, after one month fifteen days, finally, I can watch it. Happy-belated-birthday, Gakky. Keep going on like this.




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