I always have myself


Suddenly, I remember the quote that has some kind of meaning like: “Why can people say that they’re alone when they always have theirself? If they live truthfully with their own self, they will always have at least theirself. Then, they’re not alone.”

I remember that sentence comes from a female character in a book or a film. I don’t remember why she said that. I really want to remember where it came from… At first time, I just thought she was such a lonely person. Because she was so lonely, then she had to say like that to encourage herself. Just like that. But now, my thought totally changes. I think she is a strong person. Really strong to say that. Because in the world we’re living in, we usually find ourself not being the one we want to be, we hide the real person we are and show to the world the one that we think other people want to see. That’s why we always feel lost or alone. Because we’re not really living with our true self. Maybe, the resolution is just so simple: be true to yourself, just like that, and you won’t feel lonely anymore cause you always have yourself then.

But in the end, I remember that girl said this sentence, she died alone (hope that I mistook). Was she regret for what she said? I think no. Because she lived fully with herself. That’s her choice.

We always have ourself. We always have ourself.
I always have myself. I always have myself.



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