Present Perfect

This short film is really cute & sweet. I was going to cry at the end of it. I didn’t have any high expectation for it, I just wanted to watched it for relax. But it surprised me. It turned out so good. The mother’s love is touching.

I love the color of this film so much. It has too much grey shade just like VSCOCam. Well, just like everyone, I really love the grey shade, faint, soft color of VSCOCam. Some frames in this short film is beautiful. The director did his job well in 43 minutes: he told a small cute story. The ending is really good and moving.

Eventhough to other people, it’s just a normal short film; to me, it’s special. I haven’t ever watched any short film that made me cry like this film. The title is Present Perfect but after finishing film, we will wonder whether it is true, if we could turn back time, how everything would be going on… The ending scene is breath-taking because it has both loneliness and peace when she closes her eyes, waiting for the door-knocking, then she smiled. How will be her life? I just kept imagine after watching it. But I couldn’t imagine. It hurts me when I think that child won’t never know the sceret and someday she will have a new husband with a new child. They just pass by each other…

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