Always be in between


“I had come home, yes.

But home had changed…
… and I would always be in between…
… south, north…
… east, west…
… peace, war…
… Vietnam, America.

It is my fate to be
in between heaven and earth.
When we resist our fate, we suffer.
When we accept it, we are happy.
We have time in abundance, an eternity…
… to repeat our mistakes.

But we need only once
correct our mistake…
… and at last hear the song
of enlightenment…
… with which we can break the chain
of vengeance forever.

In your heart you can hear it now.
It’s the song your spirit has been singing
since your birth.
If the monks were right
and nothing happens without cause…
… then the gift of suffering
is to bring us closer to God…
… to teach us to be strong
when we are weak…
… to be brave when we are afraid…
… to be wise in the midst of confusion…
… and to let go of that
which we can no longer hold.

Lasting victories are won in the heart…
… not on this land or that.”

Heaven & Earth | Oliver Stone

Such an unforgettable night.


2 thoughts on “Always be in between

  1. Hình đẹp quá :”( Rõ ràng là tà áo dài Việt Nam, rõ ràng là nón lá, rõ ràng là cô gái tóc dài thắt bím, rõ ràng là cảnh Việt Nam. Thế sao mà lại đẹp nét Tây đến vậy?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mình nghĩ có lẽ là do đạo diễn phương Tây làm và phim này thực chất được quay ở Thái Lan chứ không phải Việt Nam. Thật đáng tiếc. Giá mà phim quay ở Việt Nam :(.


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