C’est Si Bon


“To the beginner, F major chord is always hard to play. But once you get it, you get it for good.”
– Lee Jang Hee, C’est si bon

I sympathize with Geun Tae so much because I also found it hard to play F major chord and until now, I haven’t still gotten it yet… I gave up on music… Such a beautiful film. I watched it alone. And I cried a little bit at the end of the film, when he said: “I meet my old friends who is now middle age men, but their faces are still be the same when I first met them. The face of people who are in love.”

When I walked out of that cinema box, that sorrow was still in me. Maybe, it will be always there.

Actually, I didn’t like its trailer. When I saw it everytime in cinema, I always thought that it was somehow rubbish, I wouldn’t definitely see it. But, I have one CGV’s free ticket and its expire date is April 24th, just apply for Monday, Tuesday & Thursday. I didn’t use it until yesterday because I couldn’t choose the approriate film to me. Then, the expire date is coming so close. I have just only two days to use it: Tuesday & Thursday this week. Therefore, yesterday I decided to use it for watching this movie cause I don’t like the other action films at this time. And I was really surprised.  It was really good. Its theme about 60s life & music. I like The Beatles and I like this film because it mentions The Beatles so much. Even in their band, I maybe somehow feel the same atmosphere with one like Paul, one like John, and one like Ringo. 60s is really a beautiful period, isn’t it.

It is said that “don’t judge a book by its cover”; to me, through this event, I think “don’t judge a film by its trailer” is also right. How many times I expected a good film from an interesting trailer and it turned out just a normal film, not good film, even bad film; but also how many times I think it was a bad film for its bad trailer but in the end, it turned out a good film, really good film, even wonderful film.

Therfore, I think it’s a fortune when we watch a film, read a book. Why do the others come to us but it? It’s somehow like fate. Fortunately, I could watch this film. It reminded me of the beautiful time I had when I studied in my university. And I also think that the previous centuries, periods, ages… are more beautiful than the current time we live. Maybe it’s because the more we live, the more lost we have. In many previous, the joy, the sorrow, the happiness, the depression even the lost had such a purity that made life was at its extreme boundary, nothing was in the middle. The people – they had to face everything directly. Now, we’re somehow safe in our shelter with our convenient devices.



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