Mondai no nai watashitachi


BeFunky Collage





Now, I understand why nobody translates Mondai no nai watashitachi (We have no problem). The reason is so easy to understand. Because this film is not a good film. It’s just so-so. Its theme is bullying at school but its plot is so simple. It can’t show fully the sorrow of pupils bullied. Characters are so typical, they don’t have characteristic. Well, but Erika is always cute as usual.

One another Japanese film I watched RAW. Yeah, without even Japanese subtitle, I can still understand 85% film. That’s why I’m so happy when I finish watching it. To understand until that percentage, I have to watch this 1 hour 37 minutes film in 3 hour 30 minutes. I just repeat and repeat the part I can’t get the flow of their conversations which they spoke so fast. I think if I can’t repeat I still understand to 70% percentage. Gradually, I’m not fear of watching Japanese film without Japanese/ English/ or Vietnamese subtitle anymore. I can watch RAW. Yes, I can watch RAW. Gradually, I have finished watching what movie that I couldn’t watch in the past because I was afraid of not understanding the plot. Of course, I think I just can watch films with social theme. I think that I still can’t watch movie with so many specialized words such as detective, medical, science. But I will try.

I know I can definitely translate this film if I want to. I really want to do something to distribute for Erika fandom. But since this film is not really good. Except for watching Erika, to me, it’s so bad somehow. I can’t find the motive to translate it.

Now, I have watched all dramas, movies of Erika that I can watch in my possibility. I just haven’t still watched First class 2 yet because I’m lazy to find its RAW (another Erika’s film that no one subbed). Anyway, I have finished Mondai no nai watashitachi which I really wanted to watch 8 years ago in the period I started to like neechan but I couldn’t because at that time I had not learned Japanese. Well, I think it’s a happy ending to me at the end of Erika birthday week this year.


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