Kira Kira Hikaru


Twinkle (きらきらひかる) is not so good, but better than Falling into the evening. Thing that makes little difference is Hiroko. Fortunately, there is Hiroko in Twinkle. She’s the reason why I enjoy this film. She acted the role of Shoko well. I only like the scence when she ran & ran madly, then went to convenient shop just to buy an apple and walk vaguely on the street. She made me feel that she was really hurt.

After two film which is not so good, I think Ekuni Kaori was so easy-going. She was so easy- going for allowing the other persons to make film based on her work. Falling into the evening‘s director & Twinkle‘s director didn’t understand her work deeply or maybe they understood but couldn’t find the way to transfer completely her work’s spirit.

Now, just only Tokyo Tower movie left and I’m done.



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