Falling Into The Evening


Falling into the evening (落下する夕方) is the first Japanese film that I watched without subtitle. Yes, I watched RAW. And I was so happy. Not because of the film quality but because I could listen to dialogue, I could understand almost what they said in that film. OMG!!! I can’t believe it. I’m bad at listening Japanese but in this film, I could hear they said each other clearly. Of course, I can’t completely understand what they said but I think I can understand approximately 75% what they said. It’s the encouraging number to me. Before this time, I could understand about 60-80% when I watch Japanese film but with Japanese subtitle. And now, I still can understand about 75% without subtitle. I want to cry cause of too much happiness.

But… But… But…
This film is so BAD!
Well, I’m so sad that the first Japanese film which I can understand without subtitle is extremely bad like this… It made me so disappointed.

I like this short novel of Ekuni Kaori. That’s the reason why I want to watch this film. But this film can’t express the main theme, the atmosphere of Kaori’s work. I like Hanako in short novel, but I hate Hanako in this film version. She’s just like a teenage girl, a bunny girl… not the girl who pretends to be fun due to hide her lost soul. It means that Hanako in this movie is just an outside shell, not an inside core. Miho was not good, she was not Hanako… Hanako is the girl who eventhough she laughs a lot, she’s so careless, so carefree… people around her still can see her weakness; and that weakness makes them want to protect her. Therefore, so many men like her. Hanako of Miho made me feel that she had no deep sorrow.

This film is so ramble. The director cut too much the important scenes of original novel and added some details not so effective. He even inverted the structure of this novel so meaninglessly. In novel, Rika and Kengo made love after Hanako’s death; but in movie, they made love before Hanako’s death. Oh no. What’s the point that the director want to say? I don’t understand it. It’s one of the most important events in novel. Director can invert the structure, create more fictional details not included in novel. But at least, I think he couldn’t invert this scene. After Hanako’s death, sex between Rika and Kengo means that they or Rika wants to escape from the past, wants to have a new start. But in this movie, when they had sex before Hanako’s death, I just only see that Rika was so lonely that she wanted to have sex with Kengo that much. But this feeling effect is so normal. The ending of this film is so disappoting. Rika said: “From that time, I started to like sunset. When sunset comes, my heart feel so pure as if it was filled.”

The only scene that I like in this movie is the photo below. I like it not because of its feeling, but just only because of the light. The light seemed to be so sad.


Anyway, Falling into the evening is the first movie with no subtitle I watched. I did it. I know I can do it when I try hard.



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