Japanese Film Festival 2014


Finally, the new wind stopped blowing.
Hope for the wind of next year.

I want to thank Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan; 在ホーチミン日本国総領事館, JAPIC… for organizing this year film festival. I’m really contented with the organization this year. Thank to the kindness of organizers, I could watch 11 films. Well, it’s the wonderful thing to me. I will never forget this memory. Alone but happy. Just me watching films but I felt warm.

The kindness of organizers made me feel that I had to write something about films that I had watched. That’s the reason why I uploaded each picture for each film that I watched in this festival. I should have written more but since these days I haven’t been really okay. Then, I just write short and copy the link of film trailer.

Ah, one more thing: I really like the film festival’s trailer this year. I wonder who could do that amazing trailer. The music, the frames, the mixture of many different trailer films. I even like that trailer more than the full individual trailers of each film. The editor chose the best frames from individual trailers. Unfortunately, they have one mistake typing in trailer.




I like this animation so much. Thank “Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan” so much for bringing so many meaningful films this year.

Futon – Mizushiri Yoriko


Thank for Futon short animation, I know this song: Dark end by Fukuhara Mari. I love this kind of music.

Wood Job!



I had a fun time when I watched this movie. I didn’t think that when I found out Masami was in there, I was so happy that much. Laugh and laugh and laugh… even when being in dark time.

Key of Life


How funny it is… Ryoko is so cute in it. I had a little bit surprise when I saw her in this film.

 Short Peace



Short Peace là chùm năm phim hoạt hình ngắn. Nhưng không hiểu sao khi tôi xem ở rạp trong khuôn khổ chương trình Liên hoan phim Nhật Bản thì chỉ có bốn phim. Những câu chuyện riêng rẽ trải dài từ thời Nhật Bản xưa đến hiện đại. Như cái tên Short Peace, bộ phim có thông điệp chung là đề cập đến những thứ hòa bình, hạnh phúc, thỏa hiệp ngắn ngủi. Đó có thể là một cuộc thương lượng giữa người đàn ông đi lạc trong mưa với những đồ vật cũ kĩ đã bị người ta bỏ hoang, là cuộc chiến giữa dân làng và con quỉ, là sự cố gắng để gặp lại người mình yêu dù chỉ trong khoảnh khắc hội ngộ ngắn ngủi vì trận hỏa hoạn. Có lẽ tất cả đặt ra câu hỏi là tại sao chúng ta phải luôn sống trong thứ hạnh phúc tạm bợ, bình yên ngắn ngủi đó trong khi lẽ ra chỉ cần một chút, một chút sự thông cảm thôi, khoảng thời gian đó có lẽ sẽ kéo dài hơn?

The Kirishima Thing


I like the structure of this movie. The way it has so many Fridays to describe the feeling of others about Kirishima’s absence and the way it has Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday… to show the audience how everything was going on. His absence improved his present. In this situation, absence also means that presence. Kirishima, Bukatsu yamerutte yo title means that Kirishima, quitting the club. However, the official English title is just The Kirishima Thing. Kirishima, Kabutsu yamerutte yo sounds like words from someone says which is simple but express the shock of students in that school as if they keep talking to one another about Kirishima’s absence. After all, the original title and the official English title can make many people misunderstand that Kirishima is the main character, he will appear most of the time in this movie, etc… But the fact is totally invert. He really appeared so much but just in the conversations between other students. This kind of film when the character in title, the character that all other characters think that she/or he is center but absent makes me remind of All about Lily Chou Chou movie. Yah, this movie’s atmosphere reminded of All about Lily Chou Chou. And it also somehow made me remember Kokuhaku. So that, I can say this movie is a mixture of All about Lily Chou Chou and Kokuhaku. Well, it’s just my idea.

Silver Spoon


“Không có ước mơ cũng có nghĩa là làm bất cứ việc nào cũng được.”

– Hachiken | Silver Spoon

Tamako Love Story




 Well, the ending is not so difficult to guess. I can expect it after few minutes watching but when it ended, I still like the ending. The way she said, the frames, the color. The feeling of theirs…

A Letter to Momo


I like this anime.

But it somehow reminds me of My Neighbor Totoro. There’re some similar points: the angelic creatures exist in folk culture, the friendship between them and human, their support to main character; specially in both Totoro and Momo, the thing that the angelic guardians help Satsuki and Momo is associated with their mother’s life.

I like the color of Momo. It touched me…

Tada’s Do-It-All House


Well, I have just found out that Japanese Film Festival 新風再び!having three films based on Shion Miura’s novel: The great passage (the opening film), Wood Job!, Tada’s Do-It-All House. It’s just impressive because they showed 8 films and 3 films (nearly half) come from Shion Miura’s novel. Do the selection members like Shion Miura’s novels so much?

The Floating Castle


Well, last film.

I have no special feeling for this film. I just feel happy a little bit when I first saw Yamada Takayuki and Mana Ashida-chan on this film. Mana is still adorable and Yamada is still handsome as usual.



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