I do. I need you.


“No one really needs me.”
“I do. I need you.”

– Catching fire | Suzanne Collins

When watching film as also as reading book, this part makes me feel warm. Maybe that somewhere in my mind, I’m still be stucked with dreamy things just like when I read Clover the first time. When I read the part that Sue said: “When I die, there is no one who will cry for me,” and Kazuhiko replied that: “I will cry for you.” Just simple words made Sue smile and finally, she died happily in Kazuhiko’s arm with tears falling from his face.

I always like the story about someone who is so lack of confidence about oneself. They can’t confirm theirself. And then, someone else reconfirms theirself, tells one that she/or he is just not like what they thought. And love is sparkling in their eyes.

Oh, it’s just dreamy.
One white night with Catching fire.
Now I’m sleeping.



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