On So Yeon’s birthday, 2014


Happy birthday Kim So Yeon.
Thank you for bringing Huh Young Mi to my life.

When I first saw her on 6th or 7th grade, I have always loved her since that time…

She and you, maybe the most typical Scorpion. I love her desire for intellect, her decisiveness, her sorrow, her loneliness, her sad eyes… I love her and I love you cause no matter how many times I rewatch All about Eve, I never think that you was acting, everything was so true as if you were living her life, you were her, she was you. I can’t explain myself…

I hope you will be happy on your birthday. Wish you keep acting just like you’re living. Thank you. Thank you so much, Kim So Yeon & Huh Young Mi… I’m so sorry for still not watching Prosecutor Princess and so many other films of yours.

Once again, let this song play tonight


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