She needs love




Eventhough she smiled, I was unexpectedly so sad.

I will never forget this feeling. Thank Spec so much.
Now, I really want to write a review for Spec. When can I?
I don’t know. Really don’t know.
But this sorrow became the strength in me.
Owing to Spec, I have a different thought about death, life, love, especially close.
“Close” has so many meanings.
Not being near with someone doesn’t mean that you’re not close with them.
By love, we all connect to each other somehow.

I really love the quote in the ending, the quote that explains the meaning of Spec Close title.
I really love when someone with analytical mind like Toma said: “Love is the most important emotion of human.”
She devoted to reason, to justice but she needs love.
She just needs love.

 I love Spec.
Really, really love…





ー当麻 紗綾



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