An Aquarius girl


An intelligent Aquarius girl with warm heart.
I adore her. I adore her so much.
I was stuck with her nearly one month. At first, I just research on her for my work. But the more I know about her, the more I adore her. She keeps wandering in my mind. She makes me understand more about the so-called reason.

Reason and sensibility is not totally different.
Reason is not something just so cold; and sensibility is not something just so warm.
Reason maybe warm; and sensibility sometimes can be cold.
But the most important thing is reason can born feeling.
That’s why the more I live, the more I love reason, the more I feel how much I need reason.

I will try so hard. Reason, please stay with me.

Natascha, Natascha…
Thank you for being such a kindly Aquarius.
You somehow… warmed my wreck heart.



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