Unintegrated Elements


“I had actually trapped myself in a story that was very convoluted, and I would have been able to cut more later if I’d simplified it at the script stage, but I reached a point where I was up against a wall of story logic. If I had cut too much at that stage, the audience would have felt lost.”

– James Cameron

Now I see the reason why some scenes I thought unecessary in About time still appear. In Film Art: An Introduction, the authors point that even though we think about film as unity, even though a unified film still contain a few unintegrated elements or unnecessary details. The film not only have necessary segments, but also have unecessary ones that we think they have no motivation but if we cut them, we destroy the feeling of spectators. Now I see. It’s just like life. Although it is said that everything happens in our life has meaning, sometimes, there is really no meaning events occur to us; they are just the steps to transform us to meaning events. But the tragedy is we tend to explain everything happened in our life and try to give them meaning. Well, if we can just accept it, life is so simple. But human loves story. That’s the reason we continue to please ourself and of course, sometimes hurt ourself.



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