Chasing My Girl


Chasing my girl is comedy. It’s so good. Not bad. Not really bad at all.

At first time, I watched with not much hope for it. But unexpectedly, it turned out so good. The ending is really meaningful.

I don’t know why there was no one translated this film until this year though that film was released in 2009. Four years have passed. So long. It made me think this film was so bad that no one had the willing to translate it. Because there’s so many Japanese/Korean film not so good, but still be translated out of famous actors/actresses. Even though this movie has Yamada Takayuki, Toda Erika – A celebrities, there was no one translate it. It made me think that movie must be so so so bad.

But it’s my mistake. This film proves me wrong. And I’m happy when I’m wrong. Because of that, I can see a good movie. Erika’s voice in here is so sweet. And her voice in here is not like in SPEC or Kagi no kakatta heya. In those two film, her voice has a little bit strong just like a man. Maybe, the role made her choose that voice to describe character. It made me think her voice can’t be so so so sweet like in Chasing my girl. Yeah, Eriko in Chasing my girl is just an ideal type of girl for men. She has sweet voice, cute smile, kindly…

Truthfully, Erika’s role in here is so small and normal. I have no feeling for her role in that movie except of her voice. The thing made me surprise is the script & director. How interesting the script is… How simple but clearly the storytelling of director… I admired him.

I really like Chasing my girl.



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