On Toda’s birthday, 2013


Happy birthday to you, my Toda.
Now, you turned to 25.

I’m sorry for almost forgetting your birthday today. I  have just taken a 2 hour sleep and when I wake up, suddenly I remember that today is your birthday.

I was so bad. All day long, I just watched Takeuchi Yuuko’s film. Now, I will watch your film immedialy. I intend to watch your 2009 movie named Chasing my girl and your 2011 movie named Dog and Police. I’m so sorry.

You really really made me feel a little bit warm when I saw Kagi no kakatta heya last year although that time, I was really sad that I couldn’t eat and I had my stomach problem. Now, I’m still in that problem again. The sadness made me feel lazy of eating. But I try to eat enough to keep me far away from that illness.

Thanks you for 5 years we have together. When I don’t know things to do, when I just want to kill my time by watching film, your films made me smile, made me realize some thing. It’s hard to say in detail what I realized from your film. But somehow, it made me feel everything would be okay, just smile and keep going on. I know that I could haven’t watched film so much like that. It can kill my writing skill. That’s what people see and say. Maybe it’s actually true. I just want to say maybe it can kill my writing skill but surely it can make my writing desire turn up & up.

Why is it like that? It’s my secret.
But, I think you will understand. Yes, you will.

Hope you have a year of success, happiness, luckiness.
Wish all the best thing for you, my favourite actress.
I love you so much.



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