Matsuyama Kenichi’s female version


This girl made my day.
I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I blamed for myself for easy fluttering with someone beautiful… Oh my…
I was so curious about her and when I have just finished watching The Wolverine, I immediately search for her information on Internet.

The more I look her, the more she makes me remind of Matsuyama Kenichi. I don’t know why but I see her face somehow looks like Matsuyama Kenichi’s face. I think she’s Kenichi’s female version and I wonder if someone think like me.

When I searched for her image on Internet, I found this picture. In this picture, there is some Kanjis behind the word “Freja”. The Kanjis are: “Freja đích trung tính ma lực”. It means that “Freja’s unisex power” (maybe, I don’t have the confidence to translate it from Chinese to English). And I think this title is right. Yes. She does have the unisex beauty. She’s just like the title says “Handsome girl”. Ah ha, that’s the reason why I see her face like Kenichi’s face so much. It means that my feeling’s also somehow right. I love Freja Beha too. Her beauty is exactly unisex. She’s both handsome and pretty. She can be a boy and a girl at the same time.

I want to see more Tao Okamoto’s movie but I have just found that The Wolverine is her debut movie. I’ll wait for her next movie but I’m afraid that it coming may be at that time I will have forgotten about her. I don’t want to admit it… but I think I’m maybe a kind of person have a little bit of cold. With actor/actress, maybe I fall in love with them easily but I forget them easily too if they don’t acting well anymore. I fear of my self. But until now, the actress I love for the longest time is just onnie, my dear onnie. And there’s so many actresses I fall in love easily but now, I don’t follow their activity anymore. I hate myself for it.

But I have one love that I don’t fear I will forget. Because that love is always burning me inside. I’ll remember that love forever.

And one last thing, thanks you Tao. You had a good job on The Wolverine.
Good luck, my Matsuyama Kenichi’s female version girl.
Hihi, I’m joking.
Just the way you’re… That’s enough.



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