Letter to Fuji TV


I post this letter to my note just because they ignored me. Although I was fail, I’m still happy now. Because I had tried best, I had no regret. I just want to share with you my feeling when I wrote this letter. To me – the one who always try to write New Age by myself, I hope this problem won’t happen again in Vietnam.

Dear Fuji TV,

On the behalf of large Vietnamese fan, I want to inform you that: 1 litre of tears – hot drama that you produced in 2005 – is copied in its OST!

The copying drama’s name is Thu ba hoc tro (Student, come the third) – HTV and TV Plus production. They used the song named Sunadokei by Ueda Susumu, who wrote the OST for the drama 1 litre of tears in episode 16 in their film. I had tried to translate a Vietnamese clip into Japanese. In this clip, the creator put two clips: one from Student, come the third, one from 1 litre of tears to prove that Student, come the third used that score without writing the score’s name or author. My friend presented me this clip and I contacted to the author to translate it. I have just studied Japanese for one year. Therefore, I think I made some mistake in my translation. I hope you will forgive me.

Please, see it:

This is Vietnamese version:

And this is English version that I collected on the internet:

It is not the first time Vietnamese artists copy something from foreign artist. They have had copied many times such as: song, MV, beat, dancing, etc… But now, it is the first time they copied from OST. In Viet Nam, almost people are still not highly aware of copyright infringement. On one hand, it is so bad because they do not put so much effort to create thing but to take advantage of other’s workings. On the other hand, original authors are stolen their hard-working creation, without receiving any payment. I think I can not accept it when I observe things like that happen everyday in my country. As a result, this time I feel that I have to raise my voice. Maybe I will not success or you will not notice my email but I still want to do something to notice you to the best of my ability, at any cost. I am looking forward for your reply soon.

In this email, I also want to express my appreciation to you. I have watched 1 litre of tears for two years. It made me cry so much, moving my passion deeply. It changed my view to life. I really appreciate you for producing such a wonderful drama. I am the one who suggest Nha Nam Books and Media Inc to publish 1 litre of tears by Kitou Aya. They have bought the copyright of this book, and they will publish it soon in 2010. Actually, many Vietnamese people also love 1 litre of tears like me. There is a group who love this drama so much that they made fansub to make it more popular in Viet Nam. I hope you will sympathy for them with this clip using that fansub. They make it for free, not for commercial use. Like me, they can not accept 1 litre of tears OST being copied.

Thank you for reading this email.
No matter how, I am long for your reply.



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